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35 years of pure juice

The most high performance. The most resistant. That’s why Angel is ranked as a world leader with its low-speed extractors. Their sharp sense of innovation has allowed them to create the market’s most advanced and durable 100 % stainless steel devices. A genuine revolution in the world of high-quality extraction. Your juices deserve the best!

Unparalleled ranking

Performance superior to all other extractors


+ juice


+ nutrients

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The math is simple. We obtain good juice through quality ingredients. First class fruits and vegetables are more expensive, but with Angel, you get up to 58 % more juice. And of course, more juice means more nutrients.


A drier and more homogenous pulp

A powerful engine with double twin screws

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The double twin screw system and its powerful engine lead to maximal extraction. The Angel line allows you to extract up to 80 % of the juice found in vegetables and 90 % found in fruit. The pulp that results from that process is therefore very dry.



of vegetables juice


dry pulp


of fruit juice

Unique design

The luxury and beauty of a stainless steel device

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Treat yourself to the luxury and beauty of a 100 % stainless steel device. With its round contours and its metallic surface, you’ll want to have it out on display in your kitchen at all times. Thanks to a design that is as unique as it is timeless, it will stand the test of time without going out of fashion or losing its lustre.

SU-304 stainless Steel
SU-316 surgical-grade stainless steel

Perfect details

Double twin screws, 3 levels of extraction

Assembled by hand


grinding power equivalent to 3 horsepower

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At the heart of the extractor, every piece is assembled by hand with precision and rigor. The stainless steel twin screws are activated thanks to a grinding strength equivalent to 3 horsepower. This precision engine helps free up a maximum amount of nutrients. According to independent analysis from the KAFRI laboratories, the Angel helps extract juices containing 17 times more calcium and 5 times more magnesium than other comparable devices.


100 % Stainless steel

Maximum resistance to corrosion and oxidation

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Stainless steel (sus-304) allows for maximum resistance to corrosion and oxidation. Not only is the juice quality optimal, but the user is also protected from any contact with plastics or endocrine disruptors sur as phthalate and bisphenol A.


no PBPAs

angeljuicer_icone_fleches angeljuicer_icone_fleches angeljuicer_icone_fleches

Silent engine,
durable and safe

High-performance cooling system

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The high-performance cooling system helps reduce tension and heating in the engine. This technology, in conjunction with the Angel’s slow and discreet grinding system, makes it the most silent and durable extractor on the market.


Easy to clean

Clean in just a few minutes

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An easy to clean device favours regular usage. You’ll then be inclined to enjoy the benefits of fresh juice more often. Here’s why the Angel is considered the easiest to maintain in its category: set-up and take apart in 3 steps, dishwasher compatible, no filter to change, automatic pressure adjustments, no post-filtration required.


Quickly take it apart


3 models, same extraction power

We have the model that suits your needs. Would you like food-grade or surgical-quality stainless steel? Is the auto-reverse with smart speed sensor function important to you? See the table below for a clearer idea of your options!

ANGEL 5500ANGEL 7500ANGEL 8500
Automatic inverse function -
More resistant 18/12 stainless steel--
Rotation speed86 rev/min86 rev/min86 rev/min
Number of screws222
Engine guarantee10 years10 years10 years
SU-304 Stainless Steel-
SU-316 surgical-grade stainless steel--


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